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massage parlor kiev
To begin with, I would like to say that erotic massage is most suitable for lovers, because there is nothing more pleasant than touching a loved one. All body massage should be based on mutual trust and on complete relaxation. Erotic massage can be performed with aromatic oils, which will give it a special effect. Do not forget that erotic massage is the most gentle and sensual of all kinds of massages. If you want to achieve an even greater effect of relaxation and romance during erotic massage, you should take care of the situation: not too bright light, any specific and pleasant aromas in the air, perhaps even from the same aromatic oils. I recommend ukraine erotic massage afrodita.net.ua. It is best to do an erotic massage in complete silence, in order to hear and feel the breath of a partner. Either perform erotic massage under easy pleasant music. During the erotic massage you should, as it were, merge into one, feel each other. This is the essence of the massage parlor kiev . Therefore, erotic massage is best done in pairs. Touching during erotic massage should be superficial, absolutely light and gentle, like perfectly light kisses, by the way, and they are not excluded during the massage. Kisses will give a special depth to all feelings during erotic massage. Basically the whole erotic massage consists of stroking and light touch of the palms. The best thing is to create the effect of many hands. It can be obtained by an instant and consistent change of hands when stroking. What is still very important, erotic massage is not limited to any particular zone of influence. Erotic massage covers the entire body from head to toe. Do not forget that the most important thing in erotic massage is trust and full dedication to a partner.
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